Why make a charitable contribution?

18 Dec


Another great debate regarding charitable contributions.

Some think that eliminating the deduction will deter future gifts.

Some think that the deduction is not a motivating factor in making a gift.

What do you think?

I read a good article today in the WSJ about two viewpoints regarding the possible elimination of the charitable contribution deduction.   Why do people make charitable contributions?

My opinion is two-pronged:

1. People give because they were asked and

2. People give because they support the mission of the cause.

My opinion is mostly based on the fact that I do not know anyone in my social circle that makes big-honkin’ charitable contributions simply for the tax deduction.

If you receive an invitation to a black-tie fundraising gala in Palm Beach in February, or have recently had a building named after you – then you probably have allotta money to share.   I think they are the folks that care about the tax deduction.

So, I ask my readers:

Why do YOU make a charitable contribution?

I quote my fave song from C&C Music Factory – “Things that make you go Hmmmmm”

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