About Me



Hello and welcome to my Blog!

I am a special-event junkie and love a smooth, military-like event operation.

I am a news junkie and have 3 newspapers delivered every morning and peruse oodles of online news sites daily.

I am magazine obsessed.  Thanks to thousands of miles on airlines that I will never redeem for a free flight, I swap them on the magsformiles website for dozens of weeklies and monthlies.  Gossip, news, fashion, sports, travel, business  – I read them all!    A lot of my blog is my opinion on some great articles I have read.

I am a WalkathonMaven.  Walkathons are my specialty.  Logistics is my passion.

My experience as a WalkathonMaven comes from spending 10 years in the Boston area working on two, $3M+ walkathons with over 40,000 walkers each.

After pushing-out my second spawn, I left the non-profit event-management world to manage the daily events for my husband and children, Fire (my daughter) and Gasoline (my son).  Kidding  Kinda.

A few years later, I started traveling around the US, part-time, as a Trainer for a Marketing and Development Consulting group.  I have worked with several national health organizations (with Foundation, Society and Association in their title) and trained their employees on how to produce a large-scale fundraising event.  I’ve consulted with dozens of start-ups and mature events, providing logistical trainings for event staff from Orchard Beach in the Bronx to Ford Island in Honolulu.

Check out my street cred here on my LinkedIn profile.

I started the blog to help others who may be working on a “thon”.   Most of my tidbits are logistical in nature, because that’s where most of my experience is.  Some other posting may be just some random rants about other events I have attended and an article that you may find interesting.

I’m a lover of old-school 80s music, and frequently subject my kids to SiriusXM Backspin 46 and 80s on 8 while in the car.

Pet Peeves – Companies that merchandise their products promising a portion of the sales goes to ‘research’, without naming the organization they give to.  They probably spend more on the marketing and packaging of these products than the donation.  Aaaargh!

Favorite quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

That’s me. Thanks for reading!