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WFH = Walk for Hunger

17 Apr


So the letters WFH for me always meant Walk for Hunger, the Boston event that always happen the first Sunday of May. 

Now, the letters to most mean Work From Home during this pandemic.

The folks at Project Bread are still having the Walk for Hunger, but it will be a virtual fundraiser this year. 

I see that the goal is $2 million and I wonder what the expenses will be with hopes the net result will be higher knowing so many of the usual logistical requirements will not be needed this year. That’s the good news. 

The bad news is all of the event vendors that rely on large-scale events like this to pay their own bills will be hurt. I started making a list of all the vendors we would use to produce these walkathons and realized the financial hit so many of the folks are taking. 

-State police and local police that work these events for overtime pay. 
-Park department staff and rangers. 
-Bus companies and drivers that bring walkers to the event.
-Sound techs, stage crews and event production teams. 
-Table, tent, chair, toilets vendors and their staff. 
-Water delivery company and their staff. 
-T-shirt production companies and their staff. 
-Food concession companies and their staff. 
-Truck rental companies and their staff. 
-Balloon/ decor companies and their staff. 

Let’s say that the Walk (during a normal year) has 15% expenses. That’s $300.000 that would have been pumped into the economy to pay the above. 

Best of luck to The Walk for Hunger and their virtual event. Now more than ever we need to raise money for them so they can take care of the food insecure around Boston.