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11 words needed to deduct charitable gifts

17 Nov


Great article today in the WSJ about What Charities Owe Donors with regards to making sure that charitable donations can be tax deductible.  The IRS says that you need to have an acknowledgement stating the 11 words “No goods or services were received in exchange for the contribution.”

So, if you plan on being generous with charitable gifts over $250 – make sure you get a thank-you note that contains the above 11 words.

Potty Talk

13 Nov


The three Ts of walkathons are tables, tents and toilets.
If you saw my previous post regarding my fave porta pottie names, then you saw that you gotta have them at an event.  Would you ever invite guests to your home with a broken bathroom?  Never!

Once the potties are delivered to your event, gently ask an intern or new staff member to visit the potties and make sure they have enough paper. Give them a duct tape bracelet (always a lovely event accessory!) and send them to work decorating the inside of the potties with some messaging.  You have a trapped audience, so use the time to your advantage!

Thank the walkers for attending the event! Share some factoids about your organization.

Most important potty protocol – make sure the pottie doors open on the opposite side of the walker traffic. Nobody likes a pedi-jam due to the opening of pottie doors into walker foot traffic. Plus, a waiting line may form and completely block the walk route.

Consider this a potty public service announcement.

Birthday Friendraiser Walk

6 Nov


Being a WallkathonMaven allows me to help out on great events like this!

Please join us!

Birthday Friendraiser Walk!

Walk with us to celebrate Kris’ birthday and raise funds for the Burke Family!

Join us for a short walk, birthday party games, and of course, BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Wear your favorite and most creative hat to make the walk even more festive!  Ask your friends, neighbors, and extended family to support you with a donation for the Burkes!  This walk may provide community service credit depending on the requirements for your school or organization, so check with your coordinator!

When? Saturday, December 1, 2012 – 10 a.m.-noon

Where?  Barbieri Elementary School, 100 Dudley Road, Framingham Massachusetts

Who?  You and Your Family!  Invite your friends!

Why?  Kris is a Barbieri mom, a former Brophy teacher, and the Burkes are a Framingham family.  Since 2001, Kris has been battling breast cancer, and now metastatic cancer.  Our community has come together to provide support for the Burkes, and we are hoping that this walk will help to cover their medical bills and household expenses.  If we all pitch in, we can really make a difference for this family.

What’s Next?  Click one of the links below to participate!

Thank you!

Questions?  Click here for the FAQ page, or to ask another question.