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Logistics lessons from a movie set

19 Nov



We had some logistical excitement in my ‘hood this past week! Vince Vaughn is filming The Business Trip at a local house, and you know I had to be the nosy neighbor to check it out!

Be a logistics luva, I was intrigued by the amount of signage that was posted to direct the cast, crew, catering, etc… to the appropriate site.  Take a lookie at the signage that they had posted at most street signs around the area:



I like that the signs can be turned in the appropriate direction to direct the peeps, and I especially like the use of electrical ties (or as I like to call them – concert cuffs) to attach them to poles.


It appears that they used coroplast for the signs, and paid a lot extra to have the grommets put in the middle to accommodate the cable ties. Since I never had a Hollywood budget to work with, I always cut my own holes to feed the cable ties through.

See the sign that said Base Camp?  I wondered where it was so I followed the signs to a conference facility close by.  That is where they had all the cars, trailers, equipment vans and catering tents situated.  I think the production company is lucky to have this acreage so close to the residential shoot location.


Since I’m a WalkathonMaven, I want to make sure you have a similar Base Camp on your event radar.  Think about if your equipment vehicles will fit on-site or close-by.  Also, you need to think about where your staff is going to park their own cars.

There are still 5 tractor trailers parked on the residential street outside the home, and another 6 parked at the Base Camp. I’m guessing that the fancy trailers are for the stars.  I tried to get close enough for a photo but was asked to turn around. Hmph. This is some logistical production!  It amazes me that so many trucks and other vehicles are needed for a location shoot.

I look forward to finding out how much of the movie is actually going to take place at this location. They were also shooting at a local elementary school cafeteria.  Kids needed to eat lunch in their homerooms that day.

My kids want to stalk the location because they think the producers will ‘discover’ them and be magically recruited to be in the movie.  My son wanted to check out the food service trailer on-site to make sure they are fed well enough that he may consider acting as a career.

I’ll post more photos if I can, but I think they have a police detail assigned to keep me, my car and kids at a distance ; )