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Boston’s 3-Day extravaganza!

30 Jul



The Susan G. Komen 3-Day came to the Boston area last weekend and raised $2.5 million for breast cancer research and programs.  Last month, they announced that the Boston location of the event was being discontinued for 2014 – so I had to swing by the start location and take some photos.  Unfortunately, Mutha Nature rained on most of the setup (thus the dark photos) but the weather got progressively better for their 60-mile trek around the Boston area.

I did a drive-by of the start area on Wednesday, and found a parking lot full of event vans, tractor-trailers, and trucks:

Parking lot full of vehicles for event

Parking lot full of vehicles for event


Lotsa vans

Lotsa vans



Lotsa trucks

Lotsa trucks. I hope Budget was a transport sponsor!


The opening ceremony was located at a beautiful park overlooking the water. Sadly, the staging area for the start was being setup in the rain:

setting up the stage

setting up the stage



I was surprised to see that they had a large trailer to serve as the command center.  I got out of my car to try and get close to see exactly what happens inside of a large, pink “Command Center” but my kids were afraid that they were going to call the police on me so I only got an exterior shot. As a parent, I feel proud that I have done my job teaching my children the definition of trespassing, and to respect boundaries (when they are with me!)

Command Center!

Command Center!


They even had some motor homes in a coned-off area!  I wonder who got to shack-up in those!!

Big Honkin' motor homes

Big Honkin’ motor homes


On Friday, the break-down began immediately after the walkers left the start area to begin their trek.  This was an efficient crew with forklifts and dozens of workers:




I loved the signage they had instructing folks where they can, and cannot park:



I tried to look for information about how many walkers participated in the event.  Nothing on the official 3-Day website.  I did find info on the City of Boston website that there was approximately 2,500 walkers.  The fundraising minimum for this event was $2,300.  If the 2,500 walkers raised the $2,300 minimum – that equals $5,750,000.  I noted above, based on information from the local CBS news, that they raised $2.5 million.

If the numbers are correct. I have questions. Here are a few:

1. Did they really have 2500 participants?  I hope not, for the numbers sake.

2. Was there really 56% expenses? ($5.7M minus $3.2M = $2.5M)

3. Did they spend more than they raised?

If you read my post last month about the 3-Day, then you know how I feel about the production costs and return on investment. I’m glad they they raised $2.5 million for a disease without a cure, but I think that the logistics may have made it to be less cost-effective to sustain.

Here a link to a good blog about the Boston 3-Day.

One final photo.  You know I cannot refuse a beautifully straight line of potties:








Walkathon in Marseilles….Anyone?

11 Jul


The route!  The Parking!

Ooooh La La!  I found a perfect place for a walkathon!  It’s the Vieux Port Marseilles, France!  C’est perfect! Hubby and I visited this gem during a trip to the Western Med last week. The Old Port of Marseilles has all the things needed for a great walk – check it out:

The Route:  Walking around a horseshoe path on the Quai du Port and Quai de Rive Neuve is one mile one way.   It is a beautiful walk around the perimeter of the port on wide sidewalks.  No need to close streets!  Tons of Cafe’s (including a Starbucks!) line both streets.

Parking:  See all the Blue P boxes on the map?  Tons of Parking!



Start/Finish:  Cruise ships dock at a place undergoing a transformation.  It is called Place de la Joliette. A 10 minute walk to the Vieux Port. They have built several museums and created a beautiful flat chunk of real estate that is perfect for putting your event oval with all the tents.  Marseilles has been designated the European Capital of Culture, and they have really built-up the port area to attract visitors. 


Fantastic event space is waiting for your Registration tent!


European Capital of Culture?  Says who?  The Potties! There is a logo that announces the designation!



Zoom into the bottom and you will see the logo for the designation!


Potties – Oh Yeah!  You know I started shaking with excitement when I saw these beautiful pieces of Po(o)p Art lined up and ready for customers!


Are these the most beautiful potties you have ever seen?

Are these the most beautiful potties you have ever seen?

A lovely 5K route can be created when starting at the museums and then walking around the perimeter of the Vieux Port, then doubling back to the museum area.  So many modern and historic sites to see – including strange people doing yoga poses near artwork!

camel pose?

camel pose?


Seriously, it really is a perfect location with a perfect route and plenty of parking.  WalkathonMaven is at your service when you are ready! Call me!  Merci!




Lookie! You can walk 4-5 across on the route!