Magic Mike got it right!

27 Jul


What’s the number one reason people do not give?

Because they were never asked!

If you were able to enjoy a ladies night out viewing the artsy classic

“Magic Mike”, then you saw him make his way around a nightclub prior to his late-night performance next door with his promo-postcards in hand.  He personally asked the ladies to join him later that night at the club next door.  Magic Mike is a good fundraiser.  Magic Mike knows that he needs to personally invite his constituents (read: ladies who like men that grind wearing g-strings) to his fundraising event.  Yes, the funds will be deposited into various pieces of spandex apparel and yes, his charity is the Magic Mike Foundation for Living Expenses. 

The Point?  People give money because they were asked.  Live, and in-person is best.  Next best is a phone call.  Think telemarketing calls during dinner.  Annoying?  Yes, but they work.

The laziest way to ask for money is electronically.  Feed your contacts into one of many online-giving websites and VOILA!  A mass-generated email sent to all of your contacts.  Not very personal.  Easy to delete. 

Check out this article I read in Boston Magazine. Read the last paragraph of the article. The author, Patrick Doyle, has a good point.

Whether it is a dinner party for 10, an event with 40 or a walkathon with 40,000 people –  personal invitations will give you a greater return on your relationship investment.   

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