Gotta get wet before your event

7 Aug


If you are married, or have ever booked entertainment for a special event, then you have probably gone to spy on the potential entertainers at someone else’s wedding, or event.

You want to make sure they sound good – right?

You want to make sure the lead singer has all their teeth – yes?

You want to make sure they will work well for your big day.

Same idea goes for your outdoor event site where you will have a stage, or tents and tables for things like Registration, Merchandise Sales, etc…

You need to go for a site visit well in advance of your event to make sure it will work for you.

Please, visit your outdoor event site in the rain.

Visit your outdoor event site in the pouring, torrential rain.

It is important to see where the rain moves, flows and creates lakes or streams.

You want to make sure that your walkers are not standing in a body of water while they are waiting in line at your registration tent or table.

Please do not make your walkers wait in ankle-deep water to turn-in their information and hard-earned donations!

Depending on Mutha Nature’s mood, you may have a beautiful sunny day or a cloudy day or a full-out rained-soaked nightmare.

(I prefer a mostly cloudy day in the high 60s)

Being prepared for her potential wrath will allow your guests (walkers) to enjoy the day without much discomfort.

My tip for you event managers….¬† Bring extra dry socks!

I am always a new woman when I replace my dew-soaked-wet-socks with nice and dry socks!

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