Everyone Poops

31 Jul


Ah yes. The lovely children’s book that is partner to

Everyone Farts.  A mainstay in the bathroom library collection.

I actually plan on presenting these books to my children during

a birthday gathering with their friends when they turn 21, or 30.

Should be a delightful payback moment for me.  Can’t wait!

During my travels to train event staff about site logistics,

I always like to find out the name of their local toilet rental company.

Here are my faves –

Potty Queen

Throne Depot

Rent a Throne

pot o gold waste

Rosie’s Rentals

Handy House

Johnny on the spot

Johns Johns

Johnny Pots

Beautiful Loos

Porta Bowl

Super Bowl

Full Moon

Larry’s Latrines

Mr. Party Pooper

Bob’s Johns

Don’s Johns

Handy Johns

Potty 4 U

Leave me a comment to add your favorite!

Do you know the potty-calculation for determining how many potties you need at your event?

I’ll letcha know next time….



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