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12 Feb



bye bye saturday mail

bye bye saturday mail


This August,  the USPS will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays.  Will this affect your walkathon mailings?  It shouldn’t.

Why?  Hopefully most of your walkers are coming from companies – and they usually do not work on weekends.  Ideally, you want mailings to arrive on their desks on Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays.   So, the Saturday stoppage should not affect you.

What will affect you is the latest price increase on mail.   Here is an article in the NonProfit Times about how nonprofits will be hurt with the new postal rules.

I asked Adam Lewenberg, President of Postal Advocate, Inc., what he thinks about the new changes:

“I think that the change will not impact many people and after the initial shock they will just get used to it.  The major news agencies have done polls and about 70% of the respondandants are for the change if it helps the USPS be financially stable.  People will still be able to access counter service and packages will still be delivered.  The ones that will be the most effected are the following:

  1. Organizations that are trying to get solicitations open on weekends when people are home and have time to respond.
  2. Organizations trying to get paid because it will slow mail getting delivered until the following Monday.
  3. Periodicals who will now have to wait until Monday.

Overall, I expect us all to get used to the change and find ways to work around it.”

Personally, I’m OK with the changes as long as I still receive my People magazine on Fridays!


we had 30 inches of snow and our mailman still delivered!

we had 30 inches of snow and our mailman still delivered!


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