Top 10 items for your walkathon logistics radar

29 May



Last week I shared some top ten lists from the NPQ site.  This week I will share a WalkathonMaven original Top Ten list!

Most walkathons usually happen in the Spring or in the Fall.  The weather is usually more cooperative and your constituents are not crazed trying to entertain their kids during school vacation. If you were lucky enough to have your event in the Spring – then congratulations – it’s Miller Time!  If your event is happening in the Fall, then I hope you find helpful the following 10 logistical items that you should have on your radar this Summer: radar

1.  Route –  I like all right turns.  That way my walkers are more safe and I can hopefully reduce the number of police needed if my streets need to be shut down. I also like to take a ride around the route on my bike to check for locations that I may need to place a cautionary orange cone.  I wrote about this a few months ago.

2. Registration – this is the most important area of the event because you are collecting donations and information from your walkers.  Locate and train the volunteers so that you have a smooth operation on event day.

3. Banking – you need to think about how you will locate this in a secure area and train your volunteers on accountability processes.

4. Water – a sponsor would be nice.  I prefer donations of gallon jugs and cups instead of bottles.  Determine your hydration locations around your route.

5. Snacks – donations of individually packaged snacks are preferred. Beware of the big, ugly precedent door.

6. Volunteers – you will need allotta peeps to donate their time and talent to keep the day safe and fun for everyone.  Think about contacting past volunteers and ask them to bring a pal.

7. Transportation – how will all of your supplies, signs, tables and chairs get to the site?  Who will be driving?

8. Emergency services – work with the owner of your event site to update your crisis plan.

9. Setup / breakdown – when can you load-in and what time do you need to be off the site?  What is your site plan?

10. Patient/survivor recognition/activity – keep your cause ‘top of mind’ for your participants by providing a memorable activity.

I think the most important item from above is to find your operation volunteers, train them for their task and make sure they have all the information and materials needed to do a great job.  Then ten items above are just a few(of dozens!) of items for your radar as you enter the final few months before your walk.  I have linked several past posts that drill down into the dizzy details.  Enjoy!


Here is Mr. Wonderful demonstrating his yoga position on a potty

Here is Mr. Wonderful demonstrating his yoga position on a potty


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