Security lessons from a parade

12 Jun



A few weeks ago, I was in NYC for a mommy-weekend and came upon a 18-block parade going down 5th avenue. The police had barricaded the cross streets coming into 5th where the parade would be traveling and had mandatory bag checks.  One of the mommies asked why the bag checks were necessary and the police responded that since the Boston Marathon bombings that this would be a new SOP for public events.   According to CBS New York: The NYPD put in place an amazing array of security initiatives, including police helicopters with special sensors to detect radiation on the ground, a counterterrorism car with a 360-degree camera to search for suspicious packages, and bomb-sniffing dogs all along the route to check for explosives on parade watchers. And a new double-barricade system was also in place, with an extra lane on each side of the street between participants and spectators.
Police were traveling the area on the Segway scooters.
We will probably see similar security installations at upcoming events and this may become the new norm.  I’ll be curious to see how the state police handle the crowds at the annual Boston Pops concert on the Esplanade in Boston.
Here is a potty I came upon with a fun name.

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