Logistics fun in NYC

23 Jan


New York City. A logistics wonderland. We took the kids for the MLK Holiday weekend and I was able to take some fun photos during our travels.

TKTS Time Square

Pockets full of money and no one to give it to

Pockets full of money and no one to give it to

All of these people are waiting for hours to exchange their money for a discounted theater ticket. Hours in line!!  I will never understand why anyone would make a customer wait in line to give them money. Perhaps they could get more ticket agents down there so the line goes more quickly.

Remember this when setting up your registration tent.  Have plenty of volunteers so that your walkers do not have to wait a long time to give you their hard-earned donations. It is not good customer service to make some one wait to give you money. Ever. EVER!

If you saw my previous post about fave porta-pottie names, then you know I am a fan.  Here is one I have never seen before:

Call A Head.  Get it?

Call A Head. Get it?

This was placed in the South Street Seaport area.  We went to walk around and found that the area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and most of the shops are closed.  The area is desolate.   Many store fronts had tape on the windows and construction permits indicating water damage. So sad.

Elevated police station Times Square
I was intrigued to see this 4′ x 4′ box about 20 feet above the ground.  How do they get up there?

How do they get up there?

How do they get up there?

DSC01086 DSC01087
I took some photos while waiting on the top of our double-decker tour bus.  One of of the cops waiting to board was holding a verrrrry large coffee cup.  I doubt he was wearing a catheter, so
I’ll leave the pottie situation up to your imagination.

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