Why do we have walkathons?

4 Dec


Why do organizations have a walkathon?

Several reasons, but foremost is the opportunity to be part of a community that wants to raise awareness and money for an important cause.

The “cause” may be a research fund, a disease, a building or a school.  Anything important to you.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a walkathon for a parent at our elementary school. A member of our community that needs help.

Her name is Kris Burke and her family needed some emotional, motivational and financial support.  You can read about the Birthday Friendraiser Walk here.  We walked around the backyard of our school on a snowy course created with borrowed orange cones.  Not a 5K or a 5-mile route.  Maybe 500 yards total.

The focus of the walk was not for any of the traditional “causes” listed above, but to celebrate her birthday.  We wanted to take the focus off of her Stage 4 cancer for a few hours last Saturday to celebrate her life.   We also raised some much needed money to help pay for the upcoming medical bills that forced her into bankruptcy earlier this year.

This walk was not a huge, logistical operation.   It was the work of a few mommies that pieced together some publicity, supplies and activities to make it a fun few hours for about 50 parents and their kids.   We had snow.  We had birthday cake. We had hot cocoa.  We had a busted CD player that kept shredding the song Gangnam Style. (The kids still danced to it anyway!) Kris and her family had smiles and memories that allowed them to hopefully forget their troubles and enjoy a birthday party in the snow.

This is why we walk.

If you would like to learn more about Kris and possibly help out her family, please visit KeepingKrisStrong.org

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