What’s your sign?

17 Jun





I love a good outdoor event. I love a good outdoor event with plenty of potties. I love it even more when I see some reaalllllly bad logistical decisions, which gives me things to write about.  Lucky you! I was at my daughters lacrosse jamboree last weekend (she scored a few times – thank you!) and came across these signs:

lax1 lax2

The tent offenders can probably plead ignorance since the signs were barely visible, barely readable and were randomly placed.  Here are some sign suggestions from the Walkathon Maven:

  1. Use large, bold letters or numbers
  2. Ensure the sign is readable from 20 feet away
  3. Raise the sign at least 5 feet off the ground
  4. Place the signs in heavily traveled areas
  5. Make sure the materials are weather-resistant

If the organizers distribute a survey, I’ll be sure to share the above with them!

Reminder – Father’s Day is this Sunday.

Make that Daddy in your life feel loved!


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