Universal Tchotchkes

26 Feb

universally expensive

universally expensive

February school vacation.  Time to get outta the snow in New England and head to warmer places.  We took the family to Universal Orlando, so our kids would have the opportunity to complain about their crappy life in a different location.

Before stepping foot in Florida, we had already shelled out some serious money to secure flights, hotel and park tickets.  So what was left to pay for?  Food and a few trinkets, I thought.  I hoped.  Not so.  Universal made it VERY easy to leave my money at their amusement park.

I counted more stores than actual rides.  I counted more places to eat than actual rides.  So smahhht!

Once you disembark from a ride, you must follow the exit signs to get out.  The exit signs lead you to the ‘gift shop’ of theme merchandise matching the ride you just exited.

Shrek show – meet the Shrek shop.  Minion Mayhem – meet the Despicable department store:


ET.  Phone your credit card company and raise your spending limit:

ET. Extra Tchotchkes.

ET. Extra Tchotchkes.


So how does my expensive vacation relate to your walkathon?  Many of you will sell tshirts or hats or bears or bracelets to raise some extra cash at your event.  You may remember my previous post about Tchotchkes.  I always liked to make sure that my walkers had to walk by my merchandise tent to get to registration or the start line.   Now I’m not suggesting that you have the same, gigantic selection that these apres-ride stores have.  I’m suggesting that your walkers and volunteers should have another opportunity to leave more of their money with you by strategically placing your merchandise tent in their path.

Just like the amusement parks do.

Here is a photo of Fire and Gasoline during a rare moment of affection:



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