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19 Sep


Hey! Let’s do a walkathon and we can raise money for (your deserving cause here)!

Most of the large, national walk events started as a small, grass-roots effort with a bunch of families and their friends trying to raise awareness and money for their cause.

One of those large-scale special events is celebrating their 40-year anniversary.  Other walks are celebrating 20 years!

So let’s do it!   Let’s do a walkathon!  Wahooooooooweeeee!

Easy – right?

MmmmmmmmNo. But, I can help.

First things first. Get your docs in a row.  Paperwork!

Before you start on the journey of creating a walk and hopefully receiving tax-deductible donations,  you need to register as a non-profit and file some paperwork with your state and the IRS.  Filing and document fees have gone up so be prepared to spend some money to make this happen.

Choose a name.  Do your research and make sure no other organization owns it.  This is a good place to check.  While you’re at it, you should probably acquire your web domain and twitter handles, etc…

When the docs are done and you are official – you should open a bank account so you can write checks for expenses and distributions to your cause.  A few housekeeping questions include: Who will have access to this money?  How many signatures do you want on each written check?  What, exactly, are you going to spend the money on?

So much to think about before planning the actual event.  Good luck!

Forms, filings and fees:

I live in Massachusetts and here is a link to our Attorney General’s Office:   Check with the AGO in your state for the proper forms.

Federal guidelines on how to apply to be tax exempt:

Info on becoming a 501(c)(3)

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