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10 Dec



‘Tis the season for many things inside and outside.  When we take the family to outside holiday events, one the of the first questions that my Princess daughter asks is “will there be bathrooms outside?”  I smile to myself that she is starting to think like me, and I also wonder that myself.

I came upon an article posted on the United Services website about potty-planning for outside events this winter.  United is a large potty company and they have a blog!  I wish they had a fun name like many other potty companies – but since they offer other services maybe they should keep it simple and boring.  Pfftttht.

From their site:

One of the most often overlooked aspects of event planning is assessing your portable sanitation needs well in advance of your event.   Can I get an AMEN?!

Here are some fun “who knew?!!” items from the article:

They use a special anti-freeze blend to keep the ‘solution’ from freezing in the potty.

They have a potty calculator to help you determine how many you need for your event. (I like that they ask if alcohol will be served as part of the calculation!)

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are preferred over sinks so the water will not freeze.

See more at:  http://unitedsiteservices.com/blog/winter-event-planning-portable-toilet-rentals

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