The Badonkadonk Booth

22 Jul




The WalkathonMaven is lucky to have a following of peeps that like to share their sightings of logistical things that may interest me.  For some reason, most of the emails and texts I receive are about potties.

There is a fascination with the Badonkadonk Booth.  And I’m guilty!

I enjoy seeing the names that the potty companies use to promote their products.   Potties are an event necessity. If you are inviting peeps to a fundraising event, and you want them to part with their money – then you need to take care of their needs.  Sometimes they need water or wine or snacks or entertainment. Everyone needs to Evacuate the Dance Floor at some point.  Every event must have potties.

Most walkathons do the basic.  Prices vary from $80 – $130 depending on where you are and how many you need.


If you are having a high-end outdoor fundraiser you should consider high-end outdoor potties.  I came across an article in a fancy magazine that shared a solution.  The Luxury-Loo.  I visited their website and found this is is no joke.

Our units are compared to restrooms in luxury hotels. The interior boasts the latest in design elements. Custom artwork, music, fine linens and toiletries, fresh flowers and exterior twinkly white lights are the perfect touch for a warm summer night. Luxury Loo™’s charming exterior offers the public an alternative to the fiberglass commercial units currently flooding the industry. Luxury Loo™ prides itself on the details.  This unit accommodates 500 people for 8 hours.

The article says that the prices range from $1750 for a small loo to $3000 for a standard.  Whoa!  Only the best for your booty.



Here is a potty that was at my daughters LAX tournament.  I like the name. CPR for Clean Portable Restrooms.   As opposed to…. FHMS  Funky Haz-Mat Shed.


Finally.  Here is a potty photo that was sent to me by someone who was concerned with this placement at a neighbors party.  Not sure which is more disturbing  – the tilt of the unit or the grill that is too close to the potty (and the house).   Thanks for thinking of me ! (I think.) Keep the photos coming!


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