Boston Marathon madness

16 Apr



Yesterday was the Boston Marathon, and just like every other year – our family and friends went to “our spot” at Mile 6 in Framingham to cheer on the runners.  The weather was perfect for runners – mid 40s to start and mid 50s in the afternoon.  A welcomed change from the 87 degrees last year.  A very welcomed change from the Mother Nature shit show this past winter.  There was nothing to shovel, and that made it a good day.

Yesterday was special since we were cheering on many friends, including our middle school principal and a close friend who was a charity runner for Children’s Hospital Boston.  Once our friend passed us, we loaded cars to drive to Newton to once again cheer him on.   Most of the Newton cheering posse then took the T (our public transit) to Boston so that they could cheer on our friend at the finish line.  I went back to our friends house to set up for a congratulatory cookout.

Yesterday my husband and daughter, along with many of our close friends, were at the finish line and saw our friend cross it minutes before the explosions went off.  Luckily, they had a predetermined a meeting place a few blocks away and luckily, my family and friends had started walking, and then running to the meeting place once they heard the explosions.  They eventually made it out of the city and back home safe, despite the roadblocks and emergency vehicle detours.

Once upon a time, I was a Marathon Volunteer at the finish line.  I remember the logistical operations and preparations for the event.  Everyone had credentials, which indicated the areas that you were allowed to be in.  Bomb-sniffing dogs made their rounds several times and many cameras were perched high above the crowds.  I felt that the emergency procedures shared with the volunteers were thorough and there were probably many other procedures I did not have credentials to even know about.

An old English proverb pertains to the tragic events of yesterday.  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  Some jackass figured out a way to create madness on a beautiful day.   I am hopeful that law enforcement will find a way to bring this jackass to justice.

We will be back at “our spot” at Mile 6 next year.

Here’s a link to the Boston Marathon website.

Here’s a link to my friends fundraising page.

Peep in our Cheering Posse and his ARTwork


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